* Science Research Foundation, SRF (Lembaga Penelitian Ilmu Pengetahuan) menyelenggarakan lomba karya ilmiah berjudul: “Mengapa Teori Evolusi Tidak Absah Secara Ilmiah?”

* Siapa saja dapat mengikuti lomba ini.

* Lomba ini akan dilaksanakan dalam dua tahap. Pada tahap pertama lomba, para peserta mengirimkan kepada lembaga kami karya tulis mereka dalam bahasa Inggris yang ditulis dengan tangan, yang memaparkan informasi menyeluruh dan meyakinkan mengenai seluruh kebuntuan Darwinis yang membuktikan ketidakabsahan ilmiah teori evolusi, sebagaimana terangkum di bagian paling bawah pengumuman ini. Seribu pengirim pertama yang sampai ke panitia akan dinilai.

*Karya ditulis dengan tangan di atas kertas A4, dengan panjang tulisan tidak melebihi 15 halaman dan dikirim ke alamat SRF (Çakiraga mah. Katip Müslihittin sok. Saglam Ishani No.3 D.12-13 Aksaray/Istanbul – TURKEY). Batas akhir penerimaan karya ilmiah adalah 18 Mei 2009.

*Pada tahap pertama lomba, juara I akan mendapatkan hadiah 10.000 YTL (Lira Turki), peserta terbaik kedua 5.000 YTL dan pemenang ketiga 2.500 YTL.

*Pada tahap kedua lomba, karya tulis ilmiah yang dikirim ke lembaga kami akan dinilai oleh dewan pakar akademisi, yang akan memilih 100 karya tulis terbaik untuk mengikuti babak final.

*Seratus peserta akan mengikuti babak final di pekan terakhir bulan Juni 2009 di tempat yang akan diumumkan pada waktunya. Peserta akan diminta menyelesaikan 80 pertanyaan ujian.

*Hadiah senilai 50.000 YTL (Lira Turki) akan diberikan kepada pemenang pertama, 25.000 YTL untuk juara kedua dan 10.000 YTL untuk juara ketiga. Ketiga pemenang tersebut akan menerima hadiah mereka dalam upacara penganugerahan penghargaan pada tanggal 18 Juli 2009.

*Tujuan penyelenggaraan lomba ini adalah untuk menumbuhkan kesadaran generasi muda mengenai Darwinisme, yang telah menimpakan kerusakan dahsyat terhadap umat manusia dan untuk memperingatkan mereka terhadap kebohongan besar dalam ilmu pengetahuan ini.


(1) Life cannot emerge by chance…

Proteins are complex molecules that both constitute the building blocks of living cells and also perform very important tasks within the cell. The odds that an average protein molecule forms by chance have been calculated as “1 in 10950, a figure that far exceeds human imagination. In mathematical terms, this figure represents a probability of “zero.”

(2) There is not a single intermediate fossil…

Although some 100 million fossils belonging to 250,000 separate species have to date been unearthed, not one supports Darwinism. All the fossils discovered belong to fully formed and complete life forms. However, if evolutionists’ claims were true then a great many out of so many fossils should belong to “intermediate life forms,” but not a single one actually does.

(3) “Living fossils” are a response to evolutionary myths…

Living fossils are proofs that refute the theory of evolution’s claim of “gradual development” in a particularly striking way. The reason why these are known as “living fossils” is that despite being hundreds of millions of years old, they are identical to specimens living today. There are living fossils belonging to a great many species, from ants to trees, and from bats to sharks. This represents definitive documentation that evolution never happened in natural history.

(4) The unimaginable information in DNA…

The information regarding all a person’s characteristics, from their physical appearance to the structure of their internal organs, is recorded in a special coding system inside DNA. If we were to put down this genetic information in DNA on paper, we would have to construct a giant library of 900 volumes containing 500 pages each. This unimaginable quantity of information is encoded in the parts of DNA known as “genes.” It is an absolute fact that DNA cannot form by chance.

(5) Organs with irreducible complexity…

Irreducible complexity is a feature that invalidates the claim of gradual development lying at the heart of the theory of evolution. For example, eyes and wings possess irreducible complexity. It is impossible for the structures such as the tear gland, retina and iris, that together comprise the eye, to come into being individually in stages. That is because sight will only take place when all the components making up the eye are present and fully formed. The same thing applies to the wing.

(6) All the variety of life on Earth appeared suddenly 530 million years ago…

Nearly all the phyla (Mollusca, Chordata and similar categories) emerged in the Cambrian Period, 530 million years ago. Only one or two phyla existed in the Pre-Cambrian, whereas more than 50 emerged suddenly in the Cambrian in various regions of the world. Pre-Cambrian life forms had only very simple bodily forms, while those from the Cambrian were incomparably complex. For example, there is no difference between the eye of the trilobite, a life form that emerged in the Cambrian, and the eyes of present-day life forms.

(7) Reptiles are not the ancestors of birds…

Evolutionists are no longer able to point to Archaeopteryx as an intermediate form between reptiles and birds. Investigations of fossils have shown that the creature is not a transitional form, but rather an extinct species of bird with slightly different characteristics to those of present-day birds. The presence of a breastbone (sternum) proving it had powerful flight muscles and an asymmetrical feather structure identical to that in present-day birds show that this animal was able to fly perfectly well.
(8) Fish did not move onto the land…

Evolutionists once used to point to the coelacanth as evidence for the myth of a transition from water to dry land. It was thought that the coelacanth was an intermediate life form between fish and amphibians. However, a “living” coelacanth was caught in the Indian Ocean in 1938. More than 200 other specimens have been caught to date. Analysis of living coelacanths has revealed that the animal is a flawless fish, and that all the previous conjecture based on fossil remains is completely false.

(9) Mutations cannot form new species…

Mutations are breakages and dislocations, caused by radiation or chemical effects, in the DNA molecule located in the nucleus of the living cell and that carries genetic information. DNA has a highly complex structure. For that reason, any random change arising in this molecule can only damage it. Mutations usually lead to irreparable damage, deformity and even death. People subjected to the tragedies of Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Chernobyl are living indications of this. The claim that mutations are an evolutionary mechanism is proof of the dilemma facing the theory of evolution.

(10) Natural selection cannot lead to evolution…

Natural selection means the survival of strong individuals best fitted to environmental conditions. But this does not give rise to new species. For example, in a herd of zebra threatened by predators, it is the fastest-running zebra that will survive, and the herd will gradually turn into a herd of fast-running zebra. But this process is a limited one and it will never turn the zebra into any other species. That is because their skeletal and muscular structure and physiology is recorded in their DNA, and the struggle against predators cannot change that information nor bestow any new genetic information on zebra.

(11) Human beings did not evolve, but were created as human beings…

It has now been brought to light that the human family tree is based solely on evolutionist imagination. Evolutionists maintained that human beings are the result of a gradual transition from “Australopithecines > Homo habilis > Homo erectus> Homo sapiens,” in that order. They gave the impression that each of these is the ancestor of the one following it. The fact is, however, that these life forms, which evolutionists’ regard as one another’s forerunners, are actually found alongside one another, which demolishes this fictitious family tree. The latest findings by paleoanthropologists show that Australopithecines, Homo habilis and Homo erectus lived at the same time in different parts of the world.

(12) All the fossil skulls proposed for the supposed evolution of man are false…

All of the fossils proposed for the myth of evolution belong either to apes or to human beings. None of them have any intermediate form characteristics. Darwinist categorization of fossils is based on their speculation on either extinct ape or human fossils. In fact, all the living things classified as Australopithecus and Homo habilis are actually extinct apes, and those classified as Homo erectus and Homo neandertalensis are extinct forms of human being.

(13) The history of evolution is full of fraud…

Instead of declaring the fact there is not one single transitional fossil, Darwinists have sought a solution in manufacturing fake fossils. These fossil forgeries have been displayed in the greatest museums in the world in order to deceive all of humanity. The most known of all these are Piltdown Man, made by attaching an orang utan jaw to a human cranium and exhibited in the British Museum for 40 years, Nebraska Man, reconstructed together with his whole family from a single wild pig’s tooth, the fake feathered dinosaur Archaeoraptor made by putting the bones of various living things together and exhibited in the National Geographic Museum, Haeckel’s fake embryo drawings, the peppered moths glued onto tree trunks, and the false equine series allegedly showing the evolution of the horse that was produced by bringing together totally irrelevant life forms that lived at different times and in different places and is still on display in London’s Natural History Museum.

(14) Darwinists have sought a solution in hiding the fossil record, which did not reveal a single intermediate fossil…

Darwinists conceal fossils. The reason for this is that among all the millions of fossils, NOT A SINGLE ONE supports evolution. Cambrian fossils that declare that the whole variety of life emerged suddenly some 530 million years ago with no evolutionary ancestors behind it, were concealed by an evolutionist scientist for 70 years. The oldest known fossil parrot, dating back 65 million years, which is identical to present-day parrots and thus refutes evolution, was hidden away for 40 years. There are still 100 million fossils unearthed from below the ground and that show that living things were created with all their perfect, complex appearances and have never changed since, that are being concealed by Darwinists.

(15) The complexity of the cell comes as a lethal blow to Darwin’s theory of evolution…

Darwinists are unable to account for the cell, which is a miracle with a complex and perfect structure that Darwin could never dream of in his own day. Many structures in the cell, such as energy production plants, protein manufacturing factories, freight systems carrying raw materials, decoders that translate DNA and communications systems are all in a constant state of flawlessly organized activity, and only a small part of these components are fully understood. The impossibility of even a single protein from among the hundreds of proteins that constitute the cell emerging by chance makes it very clear what a deception the Darwinist claim of the first fictitious cell really is.

(16) The Darwinist claim of vestigial organs is a deception…

Darwinist sources suggested that there were various functionless organs in living things and claimed that these organs were inherited from the supposed forerunners of the life forms in question. For example, the appendix and the coccyx in the human body were for years portrayed as vestigial organs by Darwinists. Scientific progress, however, has totally eliminated this rotten Darwinist claim. All the structures once regarded as vestigial organs have been seen to have their own functions. In the same way, the evolutionist concept of “junk DNA,” the claim that some sections of DNA are useless, has been totally discredited by new discoveries. It has been shown that these parts of DNA actually perform important tasks in the body.

(17) The fact that we only have experience of an image of matter totally demolishes Darwinist philosophy…

One reality scientifically proven in our century is that we never have direct experience of the external original of matter. Electric signals reach us by way of our senses, and the image that forms for us in our brains consists solely of these signals. But we see highly colored, vivid, active, three-dimensional and perfectly sharp images, hear perfectly clear sounds and perceive a flawless outside world. But all these are merely perceptions. It is the soul bestowed on human beings by Allah (God) that perceives, sees and hears them, that understands, thinks, rejoices and yearns. This great reality has totally discredited the materialist and Darwinist mindset, which claims that everything consists of matter.


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